Guangzhou Luke Hair Product Co.,Ltd

Q1:How long does Cheap Human Hair Weave last?

How long the hair lasts depends on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it, then normally it could last at least 2 years.

As our old customers feedback, it also could last 2-4 years.


Q2: How many bundles for a full head?

For average head size, here is our suggestion:


12"-18" need 2 bundles;

20"-26" need 3 or more bundles, but 3 bundles are enough;

The hair you need is based on the size of your head and hair length personal preference.


Q3: Is there any Customs Tax? 

Usually we will put low amount in the invoice to avoid Custom tax, but due to different policy in different countries (especially in South America and Africa), there might be some Custom tax which is not considered in the price and should be paid by buyer. You could leave a msg when placing order about how much you want us to put on the invoice.


Q4: How long can we prepare the goods for your order and the way of delivery?

We will ship the goods right away after full payment arrive and we will dispatch the goods to you by DHL on the most fast way.

Arrival time according to the place you are in.

Take US for example, it takes roughly 2-3 days after full payment arrive.


Q5: How to maintain Cheap Human Hair Weave for daily use?

  1.  Brush the hair before washing, starting from the ends, working towards the roots, sparating the root area.
  2.  Wash hair at least once a week using an oil and silicone free shampoo.
  3.  Always wash hair in an upright position, never over a basin or bath.
  4.  Wash hair gently with warm water and carefully squeeze out excess water. Do NOT RUB!
  5.  DO NOT use protein or silicone based conditioner as the hair will tangle.
  6.  Detangle hair first before drying.
  7.  Never leave hair wet or damp as this will shorten the life span of the weft or bonds.
  8.  If scalp is greasy, wash hair frequently and rinse with cold water.
  9. After application of extensions, do not wash hair for 24 hours.
  10. Shampoo and dry hair as soon as possible after swimming.
  11. Keep the hair in dry and closed condition to prevent damp, dust and other bugs in if you did not use it for a perio.