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Update time : 2017-10-28 10:35:45
Luke Hair, Major in Human Hair Supply more than 14 years.

For different clients, they will have different price.

1.VIP Price
2. Wholesale Price
3. Retail Price

The VIP Price, only for the people who keep business with us more than 5 years, and who can place order more than 50000$ one month.

The Wholesale Price always for customers in 4 types:
1. Place order more than 5 kilos one month, Get WP1,
2. Place order more than 10 kilos one month, Get WP2,
3. Place order more than 20 kilos one month, Get WP3.
4. Place order more than 50 kilos one month, Get WP4.

The Retail Price always for personal, If you want get it, pls join us

If you want to get Wholesale Price, Pls contact me with WhatsApp  or IMessage, +8613711312566
or Email :

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